Island Time

The U.S. Virgin Islands have become my favorite place to visit in the entire world, especially the island of St. John.  It is absolutely the most beautiful place I have ever been.  The islands and the water are gorgeous.  The water is crystal clear, and is all colors of blue and green.  The beaches have soft, white sand.  And the snorkeling is fantastic.  Just a few yards offshore, you can see all types of fish and coral. 

As beautiful as it is, one of my favorite parts of the islands is the idea of “island time.”  Nothing is rushed.  Things may take a little longer or may run a little behind schedule, and that’s okay.  It is an accepted part of life.

I think that there is something that we can learn from that.  Here at home, it is easy to for things to become overscheduled.  We often rush to everything, and if things run a little late people can become upset.  I know how frustrated I can become if my train is even a few minutes late.

I think that there is something to be learned from “island time.”  It’s important to slow things down and to enjoy the simple things in life.  We need (and I need) to not rush so much or try to squeeze so much into the schedule, and to not get frustrated when the schedule isn’t met.

Join me in my relauch of this blog as I try to incorporate a little more “island time” in my life.